Experience a perfect break in the embrace of nature

The first elite countryside luxury apartment complex is located only one hour away from Ljubljana and Zagreb. The superior offer of services, untouched nature and priceless peace and quiet ensure a pleasant feeling and a relaxed atmosphere.


The symbiosis of the traditional and modern, the use of indigenous natural materials and the spacious architectural design provide you with elegant comfort. The fragrant birch firewood on an open fireplace will rock you to sleep between heaven and earth, where all the time in the world is there for you.


»Every plate and tray, each napkin and tablecloth, every building and curio carries the insignia of the Pule Estate and the Anderlič family. And rightfully so, as there is much of which to be proud. The Pule Estate is simply beautiful! Under the gaze of horses, you will be served ambitious dishes in traditional local styles, and containing local produce, all carefully prepared by the Estate's chefs. An estate which has no equal here.«

Mr. Uroš Mencinger about the Pule Estate's restaurant, Pod skednjem, printed in »Nedelo's Restaurant Guide 2013«.


Price per person per night from: EUR 105






If you were only allowed to visit one region of Slovenia, there is no doubt that Gorenjska would be a good choice. Magnificent views of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj,...


Dominated by Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana (dubbed »The most beautiful city in the world« by locals and visitors alike)...


Yellow is the colour of the sun that strokes the picturesque towns on the Adriatic coast. Its rays paint the beauty of the Karst region planted with olive groves and vineyards, with peach orchards and cherry trees.


Vineyards and little hilltop churches, castles and monasteries, broad forests and groves of birch trees give the extensive region of south-east Slovenia a particular charm.


From Maribor, Slovenia's second-largest city, and green Pohorje, unique among Slovenia's mountain regions, to winegrowing areas and thermal spas: the Podravska region has something for everyone.


The dreamy countryside along the Mura River in eastern Slovenia is a land of wide fields and rounded hills, storks and wind rattles, floating mills, healing waters and energy points, picturesque winegrowing hills, original traditions and dialects, and most of all, a land of hospitable people,...